SpeechClear is the innovative technology which improves speech clarity and intelligibility for mobile and VOIP communications. It can also dramatically increase the accuracy of Automatic Speech recognition by separating the user's speech from unwanted sound and background noise, which in turn provides a natural and easy way to use speech to control many consumer electronics devices. SpeechClear has strategic partnerships with leading SoC companies such as ARM and Analog Devices.


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  SpeechClear system solution for internet TV. Full hardware schematics with software on several processor platforms.

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  SpeechClear Software IP can be easily integrated with communication devices and consumer electronics to deliver superb clear speech experience.

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  SpeechClear Multichannel Balanced Preamp for studio and broadcast recording.  Super low noise floor with excellent flat response. Offering from dual channels up to twelve channels per board. Available in both form factors of rack mount and un-cased board. Custom number of channels also available. Optional microphone array and channel synchronization module with RTP/RTCP time stamp for real-time streaming. 

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   Imagine the convenience of being able to surf the YouTube videos on your big screen, selecting your favorite shows from your cable provider simply by using your voice. SpeechClear is the enabling solution to ensure that your speech commands are clearly intercepted even when the TV speaker is fully turned on at a high volume.


Real-life speech recording for Google TV control in living room. Female speech command with the Lord of The Rings movie background. 

Before SpeechClear


After Speechclear


   SpeechClear suppress the background and unwanted noise from the microphone of the mobile phone to guarantee a clear speech conversation experience between mobile users.





    Real-life speech clip example in hands-free mobile communications. Female voice with car engine background noise and road noise.


Before SpeechClear


After Speechclear



    Speaker seperation with two microphones array. Super-directive beamformer to focus on female speech with male speech as the jammer.

Before SpeechClear


After Speechclear





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